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  • When I hear a #SuccessCoach say , "Don't even consider the possibility of failu…
    When I hear a #SuccessCoach say , "Don't even consider the possibility of failure", I know that person has never run their own business. In the real world of business you have to deal with failure everyday, and to be successful you need to learn from your failures. Playing the #OstrichCard about the challenges that you will face guarantees that you will fail. Use Failure as a stepping stone to Success .
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  • Thanks Marc Beltman , outstanding !
    Thanks Marc Beltman , outstanding !

    Marc Beltman

    CHANGE;Something about Change,People always say "I want to change" but fail to follow this thought through with action. The reason for this being that Change makes you feel uncomfortable, out of your comfort zone and insecure.Change requires "discontent" and mild "Madness"!Here's 5 way's (and believe me there are more) to get your CHANGE moving in the right direction.1. Get "pissed". Get really mad at yourself and feel the pain of not changing because staying the same is easier. One can only achieve this when one is true to itself.2. Create Massive Disruption. Change your environment, change your daily routines and comfort zone strategies. Clean up your closet and clear your habits. Search for the new and challenge yourself.3. Create public humiliation. Put your integrity on the line, own up to your failure and acknowledge you NEED to change for the better.4. Track yourself visually. Track every daily step, write it down and make it visible. Put it on paper and stick it on your mirror, your bedroom door or wardrobe.5. Plan for Failure. Allow yourself to fail as failure is the key to success. Drag yourself up and try again, over and over again.So ask yourself the question: Do I REALLY want to change?

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