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  • Have you received #BadCustomerService from an Insurance Company lately ?
    Most of…

    Have you received #BadCustomerService from an Insurance Company lately ?
    Most of the Insurance Complaints I receive come from the #QuickFix TV Ads. People get drawn in by the promises of "Pay just $1 per week and we will cover you for Life Insurance, NO MEDICALS, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, NO PAPERWORK, we will just wave the Magic Wand, and PRESTO , your covered." The problem is that nobody reads the fine print for these "deals", and then people get burnt when they need to claim. It's not cheap and easy for nothing, as they will find every loophole not to pay you out.
    For example, "What ? You smoked a cigarette when you were 15, SORRY, that disqualifies you."
    Have you experienced Pain from the TV #TooGoodToBeTrue Ads ?
    Let us know below.
  • Have you received #BadCustomerService recently ?
    One of the main issues that I h…

    Have you received #BadCustomerService recently ?
    One of the main issues that I hear from my clients revolve around Telco Complaints . The stories I am told almost daily are usually about being transferred to an overseas #CallCentre to fix a small problem. One Client was shuttled back and forth 7 times between Australia and overseas, just to find out what the problem with their Internet was. I remind my Clients that there is one #TelcoProvider in #Australia, which is part of the largest Direct Selling Telco in the world, that actually has a fabulous Call Centre in #NorthSydney.
    Are you fed up with Bad #CustomerService from your Telco?
    For great local #TelcoService
    Phone John Paraschos 0418 826 663
    Craig Holme Consulting
    Tell us about your frustrations with your Telco below.
  • Have you experienced bad #CustomerService recently ?
    My own experience yesterday…

    Have you experienced bad #CustomerService recently ?
    My own experience yesterday was very frustrating, as I responded to a Post on a Business Page about a technology product offer that was just released by that Company. When I called the Business number on the Post, the Receptionist didn't even know they sold that product and passed me onto the Manager of the Sales Department. The Post said to call for more information about the Tech Product, however the Staff had no knowledge of the Post and very limited understanding of the Tech product itself . When I spoke to the Sales Manager I was met with, " What exact product is it that you want ?" The Sales Manager was wanting me to give a detailed description of the features of a product that I had only just seen in the Ad. The Sales Manager was making the Classic Mistake of assuming that the Customer should know all about the Product before they enquire, so the Salesperson just becomes an Order Taker.
    What negative experiences have you had with Customer Service ?
    How do you feel about the way you have been treated recently ?
  • Wonderful !
    Wonderful !

    Annika Hinrichs – Soprano

    Annika Hinrichs is a Brisbane-based soprano currently completing her fourth year of a Bachelor of Music in Advanced Performance at the QLD Conservatorium.

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