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  • Are we #FloggingADeadHorse ?

    Save Holden

    Are we #FloggingADeadHorse ?

    Save Holden

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    Are we Flogging a Dead Horse by believing that @[5730024897:274:Holden] can be Saved ?

    The situation can turn around for #Holden much easier than most people are being told . A Federal Election is due before the 2017 deadline . The current Federal Government will probably be thrown out in a landslide. If the incoming Federal Labor Government makes a commitment to GM to start supporting Car Manufacturing in Australia again , then it is GAME ON FOR HOLDEN . This scenario is highly likely to be worked out , but it is conditional on enough Australians telling Labor and Independent Politicians that we will only VOTE FOR THEM IF THEY PUBLICLY COMMIT TO SUPPORTING AUSTRALIAN CAR MANUFACTURERS !

    Make your Vote count at the next Election .
    The next time somebody tells you it is GAME OVER FOR HOLDEN , tell them how easily the situation can be reversed .

    Please Share if you Agree .
    Together we can make a difference .

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